About Me


Hello! My name is Kristen and welcome to my blog! I am a picky eater turned registered dietitian. I never say no to a foodie or travel adventure – this blog is a way for me to document all of these adventures and to share them all with you. Can’t wait to share this journey with you!


I chose to title my blog “A Picky Girl’s Journey,” because I have always been characterized as a picky eater. After becoming a nutrition major, I decided that it was time to branch out. So, this blog has become a way for me to document my journey of trying new foods. And along the way I caught a travel bug 😉


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment on any post that you would like or you can e-mail me at krisvw8@gmail.com.

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Thanks for reading my blog; I hope you enjoyed it!

Happy traveling & eating,



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