Nantucket, MA


A few weekends ago I took a short trip to Nantucket with some friends – it was a super quick trip, but a super fun one!

First stop was Cisco Brewers – great drinks and amazing food! I had a hard time deciding what to choose – lots of food trucks to pick from. I went with street corn, which was honestly one of the best things I have ever tasted (I may or may not have had 2 ears!) It had chili-lime mayo, parmesan, quest fresco, and fresh lime – absolutely delicious!!! We also had the shrimp, lobster roll, and scallops wrapped in bacon.



Next stop was an afternoon snack at the Juice Bar – homemade waffle cones need I say more?!? I don’t have a picture of the actual ice cream, sorry it was melting too fast! So, you’ll have to take my word for it!


For dinner, we stopped by the Sandbar Jetties Beach Bar and Restaurant. The view was probably my favorite part, oh and of course the oysters!



Last stop was breakfast at Black-Eyed Susan’s – a cute little spot with awesome pancakes!


Another one of my favorite things about Nantucket was how cute all of the houses were! Gorgeous flowers everywhere! It actually reminded me a lot of Charleston.



Until the next adventure,

Picky Girl

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