Todi – Perugia – Arezzo – Siena

Hello everyone! So, I was on a foodie bus trip to NYC last weekend (yes it was just as amazing as it sounds!) and as I was walking around Eataly I realized that I really needed to catch up on my Italy posts for you guys! So, here you go:  “Italian cities blog tour part II!”

**Side note:  If you have never been to Eataly you need to go right away! It was amazing; I felt like I was back in Italy (well almost haha). We ordered a Spritz and cheese board and just soaked up the wonderful smells/sights. I also picked up a lot of yummy goodies of course. 😉 Including, homemade pasta, treats, and of course cheese!


thumb_IMG_7895_1024       thumb_IMG_7896_1024

Todi was the cutest little town with both amazing food and views – a common theme in Italy! It sits on a hill and you have to take a trolley up in order to get to the top 🙂

thumb_IMG_7927_1024    thumb_IMG_7926_1024

thumb_IMG_7899_1024  thumb_IMG_7897_1024


Quick stop in Perugia for some chocolate (what they’re known for)!

thumb_IMG_7275_1024  thumb_IMG_8050_1024


Arezzo, complete with a beard groomer in the square, delicious pasta, cute little shops, and the best souvenir ever (currently have it hanging in my office 😉 )! We also were there for a huge antique market that spanned down almost every street; it was fun to look around, everything from furniture to toys to clothes to doorknobs!

**If you recognize the name of this town, it was where some of “Life is Beautiful” was filmed; they have movie posters/pictures in a few spots around town.

thumb_IMG_8052_1024  thumb_IMG_8053_1024

thumb_IMG_8054_1024  thumb_IMG_8051_1024


Gorgeous city! Took a little while to get to, but well worth it. Make sure to wear your walking shoes 🙂

**Tip:  when driving to Siena, you have to park on the outskirts of the city (you have to do this a lot in Italy). If you get there too late, the parking lot that you are trying to get to may be full, so without knowing where another lot is you may get a little lost. We also completely missed the escalators that go up to the top and did A LOT of extra walking…definitely got our steps in that day!!

thumb_IMG_8058_1024  thumb_IMG_8059_1024

thumb_IMG_8057_1024 thumb_IMG_8060_1024


I hope that you enjoyed 🙂 Stay tuned for more; up next are some of my favorite adventures from the trip! Hint:  they have a lot to do with food 😉

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