Italy – Titignano

Happy Labor Day everyone (I just love days off, don’t you?!?). I am excited to share with you the first part of my Italian getaway:  Titignano! It is a beautiful castle near Orvieto with gorgeous views that of course include vineyards!

[Get ready for a long post with lots of pictures! 🙂 ]





We got extremely spoiled with food and wine while we were there; it was hands down the best of both I think out of the entire trip!!

And I got to get in on the action too while I was there, I got the pleasure of taking a pasta-making class with the cutest Italian woman – 85, didn’t speak any English, and had made so much pasta that morning that she had to use 24 eggs!! I even got to keep my rolling pin 🙂 I want to try to make homemade pasta by myself, so stay tuned to see how that goes!


The main (wonderful) reason as to why we were in Italy was to celebrate the wedding of two of my favorite people: Ed and Monica ❤ And let me tell you what…Italians know how to throw a wedding! It was amazing:  amazing food, amazing people, and an all around amazing time.


And yes I ate wild boar and pheasant….can you believe it?!?!?!


During the appetizer hour there was a chef making fresh mozzarella right there (middle, right picture)! It was so cool and I now really want to try and make it myself, so stay tuned for that as well! 🙂 Check out my Instagram for a full video!


Congrats again to the beautiful couple! Thanks for sharing your special day with us 🙂 Love you and miss you both! (Come visit soon!)



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