Picky Girl Goes Egyptian

Hello everyone, happy weekend! To kickoff this weekend the “fam squad” (that’s what we call ourselves) and I went to “Third in the Burg”. In Harrisburg, every third Friday of the month throughout the summer local businesses, artists, and food trucks come together for what is like a big party. It’s a whole lot of fun and a great way to support local places!

Tonight, there was an Egyptian Cuisine food truck and you know I had to try it! Five years ago, I would have headed straight for the Italian food truck and ordered myself some buttered noodles (mmm mmm good!). However, I have been feeling more adventurous every since I started this blog and became a nutrition major so I went for the Egyptian tonight.


I tried the “Egyptian Kushari,” which is seasoned lentils, rice, elbow pasta, topped with a tangy red sauce, chickpeas, and caramelized onions. I have to conclude that it was pretty darn good, a little spicy but it was a good spicy! I think next time I will have to try the Falafel!

Check out their website (TheTazaTruck.com) and see if the truck is coming to a spot near you. I highly recommend it!


Stay tuned for more adventures from the Picky Girl!

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